Sunday, January 25, 2009

Russian Princess In Exile Hat

I needed a break from knitting with the fingering-weight SFS sock yarn.

It has been such a cold winter here in Maine. So, over Xmas vaction, I thought it would be good to knit some hats for friends. I made the "Russian Princess in Exile" hat for my friend Jone, who likes it and wears it on her walks. It was made with Rowan Big Wool which I bought on sale from Webs.

I have yet to knit a new hat for myself, which I sorely need. I am going around in my old Peace Fleece Tribal Mountain Hat, which I knit years ago. I still like it, but really. A knitter should have more than one knit hat to show off. Like most knitters and crafters, though, I always give away most of the stuff I make.


spritlyknitter said...

hi there the hat turned out great I like it very much I am doing hat's just now myself


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