Monday, January 18, 2010

Knitting Flat: The Professor Vest

I hate seaming, so I haven't knit flat in a long time.  But for some reason, The Professor Vest by Elizabeth Morrison took my fancy.  Maybe it's the cute model.  Also, my husband recently did a career change, and is teaching at Community College.  Well anyway, I started knitting it with some very New-England-Yankee type stash yarn.  Very sturdy and warm.  It required some knitting math, as it is not the same gauge as the original.  But, I'm fairly happy with it.  The pattern stitch makes kind of a chain-mail on the wrong side, which I reckon will be perfect for staff meetings. I have finished the back, and one side of the front.  This yarn is multicolored and heathery (doesn't really show in the photo), and has bits of straw in it still, I love it!