Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tour de Fleece, Days 1-7

I am spinning for the Tour De Fleece this year, the goal of which is to spin every day of the Tour de France. Then, everyone posts their progress on their blogs, or on Ravelry. I have also been watching the TDF almost every day, for inspiration. My goal is to put a dent in my stash of fiber, which has been accumulating over the last few years. I have a habit of buying fleece at fiber fairs, then bringing them home to wash, and never get around to carding and spinning them. I also have a few pounds of unwashed Merino, Corriedale, and Alpaca. I have been washing a pound or so every couple of weeks this summer, and am currently spinning the Merino. It was difficult to process, but now that I am spinning it, I see why people go to all the trouble. It's a super-soft, crimpy and beautiful fiber, and spins into a finer thread than I am used to. Normally, I spin worsted-weight. This will be a nice sport-weight yarn for a lace shawl or scarf. I plan to kettle-dye it, not sure what color yet.

My progress to date: Finished spinning 100 grams of sock yarn roving I dyed at a workshop. Drum-carded and spun 2 batts of Merino. One bobbin about 2/3 full as of last night.

I might wash the Alpaca today. We are supposed to spin something challenging on the 23rd. I have never spun Alpaca before.