Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tal's hat

I still have a lot of the Rowan Big Wool left, so I made "The Brangelina Hat" (photo top right is before felting, photo left is Tal modeling the felted hat). Since the pattern is designed for bulky yarn, even though I downsized it a bit, it still turned out to be an XL-size hat. So, I took it to work and gave it to a co-worker, Tal, who I thought it might fit, but it was too big for him. He had the bright idea of washing it in the washing machine to shrink it. I knew this would really felt it, but this yarn is good for felting, so maybe it would work. And it did! Of course, the brim shrank to almost nothing, but he likes it anyway, and I have seen him wearing it, so cool. So far I am 2-for-2 on these hats. I may make another hat from a pattern that is meant to be felted. The felting came out so well.

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